End of May 2002

My sense of humour is what’s keeping me afloat these days...

In general a lot of things are OK:
Apparently I am incredibly well insured; partly the fire insurance of the building (covering all damage done to the building and its structure itself) and partly my own private insurance covering all damage to things within the flat.
Both insurance so far proved to be a winner and all my claims have gone through without complaint!
And the fact that at some point I will have a “brand new, renovated flat” is not to be underrated either.

Only getting there seems to be a bit of a problem...
At the moment my “Handy Andys” are ripping apart the roof, discovering new damage on an almost hourly basis... They slowly seem to be taking apart my whole flat. By now my habitat shrunk from 73 m² to a mere 20 m², leaving me with nothing but my bed-room, a small bunk-room, that is functioning as my storage space at the moment, and part of the living-room.
The bathroom is OK so far, but it’s roof is going to come down, too.

Yesterday was the first night when I had the feeling that maybe, after all, I can not quite cope with all this...

Still: A stay in a hotel would be paid for but at the moment I’m still holding on. Staying in a hotel might make a few things easier but on the other side – geographically - I would have to cut myself into yet another piece, as I can’t really leave the building site totally unattended.
And I found out that it is MOST IMPORTANT to keep you workers happy. At the moment they arrive at 6:30 a.m. each morning, bearing huge grins on their faces: “So, is the coffee ready yet?” – Be sure it is!!!

OK, life’s a bit harder these days, but it’ll sure go on...

And maybe – by the end of the summer – I will be able to sit on a new roof-garden?!
Nothing has been decided yet, but there are talks about a roof-garden, seriously!

Well, let’s wait and see!

Keep smiling – I do, too!